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Obama's student loan push helps him court crucial young voters ...
4 days ago . From the blog The Ticket: Road trip! President Barack Obama escapes the stuffy confines of Washington on Tuesday, traveling on a two-day .

Obama: I only paid off my student loans eight years ago | The Ticket ...
4 days ago . From the blog The Ticket: President Barack Obama, courting young voters crucial to his reelection, told a rowdy college-age crowd at the .

obama's student loans Does It Affect Credit Card Holders?

(obama's debt vs bush debt)

Obama Pushes Low-Rate Student Loans : NPR
4 days ago . President Obama went after the college vote Tuesday, pitching cheaper student loans as he courted the one age group where he has a .

White House: Obama would veto GOP student loan plan - CNN.com
1 day ago . The White House says President Obama would veto a House-passed Republican measure to extend lower interest rates on federal student .

President Obama Defends Student Loan Push - ABC News
3 days ago . President Obama wrapped up his two-day college tour this afternoon with an impassioned pitch for Congress to freeze low interest rates for .

obama's student loans Does It Affect Debit Card Holders?

Obama Threatens To Veto GOP Student Loan Extension To Protect ...
1 day ago . (Image Credit: Susan Walsh/AP Photo) The Obama administration threatened to veto the House Republican version of the extension of the .

What About Young Consumers?

(obama's debt program)

Obama's Student Loans Proposal Sparks Partisan Battle
2 days ago . WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner accused President Barack Obama on Thursday of conduct "beneath the dignity of the White .

Obama Stresses Personal Struggle To Pay Back Student Loans
4 days ago . Urges Congress to extend low interest rates for students * Romney agrees on need to hold down student loan rates * More than 7.4 million .

Summing Up

  • Romney backs student loan proposal Obama supports - CBS News
    4 days ago . Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday embraced a student loan proposal that President Barack Obama is selling on the .

  • U.S. Department of Education
    New “School Days” Features March Events at ED. Saturday, April 21. President Obama Calls on Congress to Prevent Student Loan Interest Rates from Doubling .

  • GOP ignores veto threat, passes student loan bill | Fox News
    2 days ago . The GOP-led House passed a bill Friday to keep interest rates on millions of federal student loans from doubling this summer, ignoring a White .

  • FAQ: How to cash in on Obama's student loan plan
    Like 56 percent of college students in New Mexico, Alibi intern Elise Kaplan took out student loans to finance my education. In this article, she breaks down .

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